Heart of Mine, a historical western novella, is coming April 15th, 2012, as part of Bandit Creek Books.  It will be released electronically on both Amazon and Smashwords (for those who don't have a Kindle).  Also, don't forget Love by Accident, my contemporary romance that takes place in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and Another Chance, a historical western, are also both available online.  You can find out more about them on New Release Page.



Also, I am excited to announce that 32 fabulous writers from my Calgary Chapter have gotten together to put out a series of novellas, called Bandit Creek Books.  Two books a month will be released, one on the 1st and one on the 15th.  They will range in genre and sensuality from time travels, to mysteries, to historical, to erotic.  Each book is written by one author, they are not collaborations, but rather we are all writing books of our own genre, but all will take place around the fictitious town of Bandit Creek, Montana.  On every release day we have a virtual launch on our FaceBook Page where many free copies are given away.  I urge you to check out our website and discover what happens in Bandit Creek!

Michelle Beattie, published through Berkley Publishing,

follows her love of adventure and romance, wherever that may take her!



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Michelle Beattie

 Strong Women, Proud Men, and the Adventure That Brings Them Together

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To avoid a forced marriage, Laura Gibbs has little choice but to go along with her controlling father's plan to deceive a man she's secretly loved for years.  Scared and alone, she lies next to a drugged and sleeping Jake, knowing fully well the position she's putting him in.


Jake Evans has been burned in the past and has learned the hard way that nobody is interested in him, only his money.  So when he wakes to find Laura in his bed, he's convinced that she's yet another in a long line of women who only wants his share of the gold mine.  A fact soon confirmed when her father storms in the room and demands Jake make an honest woman out of Laura, lest he be charged with rape and hanged.  A bitter Jake agrees, but vows that money-grubbing Hugh will never see a cent of his money.


As Laura gains freedom from her oppressing father, she also gains courage.  Determined to make a real marriage with Jake, she refuses her father's demand that she steal from her husband and instead concentrates her efforts on showing Jake the kind of woman she truly is.


Despite Laura's deceptions, Jake can't deny his attraction to her.  With the sexual awareness building and sizzling between them, Jake begins to believe that he's finally found the woman for him.


But trouble is brewing.  Hugh is drowning in gambling debts and seeks drastic measures that won't only risk Laura's and Jake's marriage, it'll threaten her very life.